New Grants Funded in Baltimore and Harford Counties

Beginning on July 1, 2011, Alliance will begin providing two new services at the detention centers in Baltimore and Harford Counties specifically designed to assist inmates with mental illnesses. A grant valued at more than $120,000 from the Baltimore County Bureau of Behavioral Health will assist inmates at the Baltimore County Detention Center who have a documented mental illness to plan for re-entry into the community upon release from jail with access to resources such as housing, employment, and continued treatment. In addition to re-entry services, Alliance will provide Trauma, Addictions, Mental Health, and Recovery (or TAMAR) services to inmates. TAMAR is an evidence-based model that provides special counseling for victims of trauma, such as sexual assault, who have been arrested and require treatment to break unhealthy patterns of behavior related to the traumatic event. Amy Axel, Director of Alliance's Behavioral Health Division who will oversee the project in Baltimore County, noted, "It's a tragic reality that many people with mental illness end up in jail because they can't or don't get the help they need. With these funds, we'll be able to assist extremely vulnerable individuals and link them with resources to increase their chances of success upon their release from jail.” Alliance has also been selected by the Harford County Office on Mental Health to provide TAMAR services to inmates at the local detention center through a grant valued at $43,000. Alliance has been providing re-entry services to inmates at the Harford County Detention Center for more than ten years. Stacy Fair, Director of Alliance’s Case Management, who will oversee the project in Harford County added, “We’re excited to begin offering TAMAR. It’s a natural extension of our forensic case management services. Trauma victims are disproportionally- represented in the criminal justice population and TAMAR is a proven model designed to reduce re-arrest."